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Rinse & repeat masterclass planning challenge

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Finally plan and launch that Masterclass, Workshop or Challenge that will change your life and the lives of everyone it touches.

I'm going to show you how to choose an avatar attracting name, organize your content and, most importantly, create an easy to follow plan to implement your masterclass over and over again. 


Here's your focus for each day...

Day 1: Make an Easy to Follow, Rinse & Repeat Plan

Set the date for your next Masterclass, allowing the appropriate amount of time for planning, execution and lead generation. Learn what truly goes into creating a valuable and high converting event and how to execute it yourself or with a team.

  • Day 2: Give It A Scroll-Stopping Name

    Naming your Masterclass is one of the most important first steps in planning your event, after choosing your topic. Today learn how to choose the right topic and name for your Masterclass to stop the scroll and attract your ideal clients.

  • Day 3: Wow Your Audience with High Value Content

    You have a plan, you've chosen a topic, you've named it, now what? It's time to help your audience have an instant breakthrough by strategically planning the content of your Masterclass. Learn what makes effective content and how to give tonnes of value without giving away your whole program.

  • BONUS Day 4: Masterclass Planning Working Session

    You've got Q's, I've got A's! Bring your Masterclass plan and all of your questions and let's hash it out together.

  • BONUS Day 5: How to Show Up As Your Best YOU

    Who you are being will directly affect who and what you attract and this holds true when it comes to your Masterclass. Learn the strategies that all my clients use to manage their energy, hold their mindset and pour into their audience, showing up in an air of service and gratitude.


    Show up LIVE and grab my Masterclass Road Map Template

    Join us LIVE any day of the Challenge to receive your own copy of my Masterclass Road Map project plan template

  • Answer a few questions

  • Let my automations do the planning 

  • Import into your Asana project manager

  • Follow the road map to bring your Masterclass to life


    Meet Shelley

    After years of studying and working in the online business world as a virtual assistant to coaches and marketing agencies, Shelley discovered her passion for helping coaches to bring their important message and teachings to the world through simple and impactful online launch events.

    She has since gone on to help coaches and their teams create simple signature launch events that wow their community and turn followers into clients.

    With Shelley's 6 phase launch system, coaches have gone from 3 or 4 figure events to 5-6 figure signature events.

    Through one-on-one coaching and self-study resources, Shelley is helping coaches everywhere to change the world, one event at a time.


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